Top Dash Cams

Picture this: You are driving on a clear road and at a safe distance from the cars ahead. An insurance scammer driver jumps right in front of you from the neighboring lane, and slams the breaks hard! Wouldn’t you wish you had the whole incident on tape to stick it to the scammer and protect yourself from jacked up insurance premiums and accident penalties?

The recent advances in technology have made it possible to have very affordable, and unobstructive dash video cameras in your car.

Below are some of the top dash cams that cost under $100 and even perhaps as low as $49.

#1 on the list is Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam
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Full High Definition
Rexing V1 Creates a nice vivid video of the road ahead.
Approximate recording time on this camera (on a 32gb memory card) at 1080p HD resolution is 5.5 hours / or at 720p  HD resolution 10 hours. It also supports SD memory card of up-to 128gb! That’s over 20 hours of HD recording.

It has a 170 degree wide angle lens that helps capture of more image around you. It is also equipped with a powerful SONY EXMOR IMX323 video sensor,
which produces very high quality footage, even in a low light and night situations.

One of the practical features in Rexing V1 is collision detection.
The camera has an G-sensor which can detect a collision which is designed to lock down the video file.

Otherwise the camera will record on the loop so that the oldest data is erased and new ones are written in 3, 5, or 10 minute intervals. If the file has been locked by G-sensor, these files won’t get overwritten.

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#2 Next up is Rexing V1P Car Dash Cam
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This camera is similar to one above but it also offers a second camera for the rear view of the vehicle.

It costs a little more (about $25 more at the time of writing), but the extra money may be well worth it to record possible rear end accidents.

#3 in this line up is Bekhic Dash Cam
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This one has a higher resolution then above two cameras and features Ultra HD Video quality at 1080 x 1920P!

It also is equipped with HDMI 3.0, 170 degree wide angle, Night Vision, Loop recording.






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