Is CPR V5000 Spam Call Blocker a scam?

We have all seen ads about the small spam call device CPR V5000 Spam Call Blocker with a red button to block unwanted calls. Many have wondered if the device was a scam or whether it was a legitimate way to block unwanted spam and robocalls.

So, is CPR V5000 a scam? Does CPR V5000 really work?

How does CPR V5000 work?

CPR V5000 Spam Call Blocker works by checking the incoming call against the Pre-loaded Nuisance Robocall Database. CPR Call Blocker V5000 has a database of 5000 robocall numbers, which already dramatically reduces robocalls, scam calls, political calls or election calls, as soon as the Call Blocker is connected.

In addition to the pre-loaded number database, the CPR V5000 Spam Call Blocker has a private blocking function that allows you to block any incoming phone call you want. Optionally, and if you wish, it can also block UNKNOWN calls, international calls, “0” calls (caller ID showing 0000000000 all zeros). You can block last caller, an entire area code or a country code.

Users reporting very high success rate and the product currently has 85% of high ratings (4-5 star), while 75% give the product 5-star review.

Overall, CPR V5000 Spam Call Blocker seems to be a legitimate device as the call blocking method is technically sound. The device is not cheap and the Cheapest price for CPR V5000 Spam Call Blocker can be found here